January 3, 2013

  • Practically Perfect Resolution

    My sister-in-law had a post yesterday on Facebook:

    “flossed after lunch today. New year’s resolution 2013 yay!”

    Seriously? Your life is so perfect that adding a 3rd floss to your day is the only self-improvement you can make?

    I wanted so badly to call her Practically Perfect Mary Poppins.
    I waited 24 hours… and I still felt the same.
    The person who goes out of the way normally to say NICE things to people.

    So this is what I said…

    “After reading this, I can’t get this song out of my head…

    If I believed in an afterlife of fiery hell, that’s where I’d be going for certain for that link.

January 2, 2013

  • Griefers or Just Players?

    “Griefer! Troll! Hax0r!”
    What is it with people who verbally attack others that are excelling at something?! If your talent is just plain awesome within the game mechanics, and you aren’t in someone’s face over it, you aren’t a griefer. period.

    Here’s a video that a guy created after going around with a Katana in BLR. He was getting called a “Katana Butt Pirate” for his efforts.

    In Eve, there is a concept called “Miner Bumping.” A whole mafia has developed to knock AFK miners off their mining, in the theory that those AFK aren’t really participating in the game. This group of gangsters requires people in its territory to buy a mining permit and then they will leave them alone.  Repeat offenders get ganked.  It has been officially sanctioned by CCP as appropriate game play, but some people get so offended they actually have taken to hacking the http://www.minerbumping.com/ website and tracking IPs to harrass the members in their real lives. 
    Here’s a video of the miner bumping concept:

    “Just because you are lame, gives you no right to whine or complain.”:)

January 1, 2013

December 30, 2012

  • Furry Killers of Boom

    My fifth birthday. Try some cake kitties?

    I jumped on Blacklight Retribution for rivalrous fun with a friend and found an ambuscade of people identifying as “furry.” In my random interweb wanderings I’ve come across a furry here and there, just undercurrents in diminutive subcultures. But in Blacklight, more than half the people I’ve chatted with tell me first and foremost they are furry. Perhaps they are just more chatty than others there?

    In the past, upon meeting, I’d pause to celebrate the shine found in an ardent furry spirit. Part of my nature is to give a moment of worship to any truly passionate person– whether art is their identity, music, research/wisdom and yes, even cosplayers and furries.But many of these Blacklight furry folk wear the furry like it is a girl scout badge– another trend followed– and I wonder if it may be oft with little self-thought or understanding. Just another bandwagon…

    My grandmother’s grave.

    I don’t claim “furry.” I never had an identity conversion to furrydom. I feel no need to draw animal cartoons or dress in adorable ears for myself, but I do appreciate some of the prodigious expressions I’ve seen.

    Yet, I’ve always been animal. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy costumes and dress-up roleplay. But I just experience the old animal me, dressing as a different animal. I have no totem. Having a theriotype was not a choice I could make. I am that I am. Manifest me and no amount of taming will ever categorize, cage or quench me.

    As soon as I could walk, I had a shamanistic attitude toward the world around me, living or inanimate. My mother’s friends smiled at how I would delicately toddle into a flowerbed, gently bend the flowers to the side and step over.  When I did fall on one of my mother’s animals or a plant, I would cry and caress it, even before I could talk.

    My early childhood homes were full of dogs and cats. I had an inarguable anthropomorphic view of animals and I completely refused to leave the house without a pet. For anything.

    I understood their bodies were different than mine, but it wasn’t fair that I got to explore the world and they didn’t. The world is a dangerous place and so I was content to bring one at a time, knowing I wouldn’t be able to protect more than that in a strange environment. My mother always wanted to go somewhere and in tow came me and most likely a kitty: library, stores, restaurants, graveyards, hikes, Pow-Wows, parades, swimming, and even to her random courses at the local university.

    Indian painting caves near Billings Montana

    No one fussed about my completely inappropriate pets. There was no question– anyone who saw me could tell there would be no separation without bloody mayhem. My mother knew this wouldn’t fly in kindergarten, so she didn’t bother enrolling me.

    One early morning, when I was five, I walked by the bathroom and saw that my mother had left the lid off the tall plastic hamper. My mother was mentally ill, there were always random odd things I was doing for her and without hesitation, I picked up the hamper lid and set it back on. Later, I went out with my mother and a cat for a picnic with some of her friends in the park. We were gone for hours.

    That evening, I popped open the hamper to put away my dirty clothes and found four smothered kittens. Mama cat must have tucked them away in the morning and then gone off to eat or something. 

    At that point, I clamped down on my animal anthropomorphic tendencies. I still felt Therian, but I realized that I had the capacity to hurt others, especially unintentionally. I remain as collared as I can be, but as a moth to flame, there are some energies I just can’t resist, despite the destruction that may ensue.

    This past month, on Blacklight, it has truly been worth sifting through chaff to find the sparkles. I’ve met a couple of kin that aren’t completely superficial children playing with a new trend. And surprising myself, I even joined a furry clan run by one of those sparkles. I feel a little like an invader but truly, she is an adorable spirit… with guns and boom to boot.

    [UPDATE: Note to self- Don't kill clan leader with a machete. Ever again. oops.]

    And that ends my vulnerable exposure for the day. 

December 28, 2012

December 13, 2012

August 22, 2012

July 24, 2012

July 18, 2012

  • Attitudes on Women’s Issues

    VIDEO- NSFW! A friend (a male) sent me the above video of a woman complaining her ass hurt during child birth.  I was glad to see that they stopped pushing her and let her relax for a moment.  I think this is a good example of how women were not designed to give birth immobilized on a table (literally 2 people holding her legs back!) for the convenience of doctors & midwives.

    This same friend asked, “Do you support the use of doulas, midwives, and/or traditional medicines?” Here are the replies he received.

    Since my abdominal hysterectomy, I’ve had a wake-up call to how traditional medicine treats women & their reproductive system.  The day after surgery, I was moved to the maternity ward.  Infertile me, who’s just had the door finally slammed on fertility sent to Maternity because, “They know how to deal with women’s issues.”  Yes, my external incision resembles a C-Section, but inside, nothing was like a c-section.  My surgeon didn’t come check on me during his rounds “because you weren’t in your original room.” Did he care enough to inquire as to where I went? Ha. In the morning of day 3, the maternity ward supervisor who hadn’t even met me, sent a nurse-assistant in to tell me it was time for me to be released.

    At 4 weeks post-op, I had my followup appointment at my doctor’s office & he did not even examine me.  He told me the pain was normal & that my “eating trouble” would settle down with time.  I was not hugely surprised when I had to return for a post-op infection 2 weeks later.  It wasn’t until I went to the ER in month 6 that my gyno started taking me seriously at all. 

    When you go to the dentist, you get swabbed and injected with a numbing agent.  However, gynecology does not have any of these numbing tools.  Routinely women have cryo-freeze applied to their cervix, biopsies sliced from their vaginal vault and even silver nitrate applied with out the slightest consideration or regard of their pain.  If you cringe, doctors will snap, “This won’t take long” or “this is usually painless.”  After years of undergoing various procedures for my “women’s issues,” I never once had a doctor acknowledge pain, while monkeying around in my vagina- an area of your body rich with blood vessels and nerve endings.  All these years, I thought I was just horribly over sensitive until I started reading the forums at Hystersisters.com.  I wish I had found that site years ago when I first started having “women’s issues.”  I wouldn’t have felt like such a freak.

    Last fall, my sister-in-law opened a non-profit center in Idaho to educate women on their options at birth. The two local hospitals in her area just stopped VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) and she and a few others are trying to present the actual science of VBAC versus C-sections to their community. See  C-section Risks Downplayed and VBAC is Usually Safer. The local medical professionals whose work is supposed to rely on science, are not listening. 

    Wholiedtotheblind had a good blog recently about “That Time.”  For her, a little education on her options and a supportive physician made a life-altering difference. 

    I think in the area of “Women’s Issues” each woman deserves to hear all the options alternative and traditional, and have their choices respected by all professionals.  What do you think?